MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Purification Kit

MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

(Kit tách chiết đồng thời DNA/RNA)

Mã Hàng: BSC71S1E

Qui cách: 32T

(96 well pre-packed plate 2 pieces)

Hãng: Bioer

Dùng cho máy tách chiết tự động DNA/RNA model: NPA-32

Cung cấp kèm Tip Com

The kit provides a very simple, fast and effective technique to isolate high quality Virus DNA/RNA. Using one simple protocol, high yield of purified Virus DNA/RNA can be isolated from serum, plasma and body fluid. The pure nucleic acid can be applied extensively in PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, mutant analysis, SNP and the others.
Product Features:

1.The kit can be transported at room temperature.
2.All reagents should be stored at 2-8°C.
3.All reagents, when stored properly, are stable for 12 months from the time of delivery.

MagaBio magnetic technical has great advantages
1. Mini sample, high purification, high sensitivity
2. Simple and streamline separation procedure, used for auto-platform
3. Free of protease K and carrier RNA
4. No organic solvent, no inhibitor
5. No spin column, no centrifuge

Apparatus and materials to be prepared by the user
1.Magnetic Rack or Bioer NPA-32P purification instrument
2.Water bath or Dry bath
3.Vortex mixer
4.Absolute alcohol (For BSC57S1B and BSC57M1B)

Important Notes
1. Before start, please read this user’s manual carefully.
2. Consumables (e.g. pipettes, pipette tips, reactions vials) should be nuclease-free.
3. Wearing gloves when performing the assay.
4. To avoid cross-contamination of samples and reagents, use aerosol-preventive pipette tips for all pipetting steps.
5. After the experiment,please disinfect the workbench with 75% ethanol or 10% hypochlorous acid, and sterilize the workplace by UV lamp.


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